Stop The Fargo Dam 
A coalition of concerned citizens, communities, townships and school districts.
Fargo Diversion Reality
MnDak Upstream Coalition

We oppose the destruction of communities, farms, businesses and homes by the Fargo Dam and Reservoir, as proposed by the Red River Diversion Project.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Red River Diversion project and the devastating effects it will have on all of us (including Fargo residents) in the 60 plus mile radius of this project. We are dedicating this site to education, enabling you to more effectively use your voice to be heard. Your voice is a powerful tool. Please read on to learn how to sharpen that tool, and then resolve to be heard.

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Review and download the Red River Diversion Information Guide

Donate to the Cause

Please consider supporting the Stop The Fargo Dam effort. You can help defray the costs for lawyers, mailings, signage and related materials by sending your donation to:


Stop The Fargo Dam

 (checks can be made out in this name)

% Kindred State Bank

411 Elm Street

PO Box 128

Kindred, ND 58051

Phone: 701-428-3121